I have measured out my life with coffeespoons

Jenna. FL. Caminante, tus huellos son el camino y nada mas...

I’ve basically been drunk for the past week, haven’t eaten in days, fucked a 38-year-old man on the counter in his friend’s house til I bled, and started chain smoking cigars— anything I’m missing yet?
someone tell me it’s still worth it to be alive.

So I was looking at paint samples today and some of the options caught my eye— fog… wisteria… blueberry jelly bean… chinchilla.  Chinchilla is the top, palest shade of grey.  It’s a lovely color, but imagine living inside a chinchilla— or a blueberry jelly bean for that matter— knowing your walls were some actually small rodents or bite-sized candies.  This secret knowledge would induce unexplainable giggling at the most inopportune moments, I am sure.

I’m excited about very few things right now, mostly just these camel crush cigarettes & figuring out what I’m going to do in the next months.

ugh the symbolism in this piece~~